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PBIS & Character Building at Magnolia

At Magnolia, we value character and positive behavior, as well as achievement. We support students by teaching them why it's important to make wise choices, and we focus on exhibiting one positive character trait each month. Students who demonstrate positive character and behaviors receive WILD Mustang tickets. Tickets go into a classroom drawing and students will have opportunities to win a variety of incentives. Also, one student each month is chosen by their teacher to receive recognition for exemplifying the character of the month. 

We are W.I.L.D. Mustangs:

W   Wise Choices
    Inspire Others
L    Lead by Doing
D   Develop Solutions

Attentive – Mustangs pay attention to the person leading the conversation.

Dependable – Mustangs can be relied upon and trusted.

Kind – Mustangs are helpful and interested in the well-being of others.

Respectful – Mustangs are willing to learn about each other’s differences.

Truthful – Mustangs tell the truth and take ownership of what they do.

Self-controlled – Mustangs control their actions.

Thankful – Mustangs are grateful to others and appreciate them.

Perseverance – Mustangs continue all efforts to achieve despite difficulties.              

Patience – Mustangs can wait calmly for others to accomplish tasks.